Suggest a Book

Would you like to see a book featured on this blog?  Then this is the page for you.  Just post a reply below with the book title and author’s name, and we will consider your suggestion.


One thought on “Suggest a Book

  1. LOCO is a funny crime mystery set in Los Angeles in 1983. The protagonist is my alter-ego, a funny, no-nonsense transplant from New Jersey who investigates insurance claims by day and aspires to write for TV the rest of the time. She adopts a wimpy pit bull and has a colorful group of friends who support her efforts, as she uncovers a multi-million dollar insurance fraud ring. Loco is threatened, burglarized, nearly drowned, and nearly killed in the process. Please visit my website at to learn more about the book and how to win a free copy. I will be donating a portion of my royalties to charity – as my writing is a labor of love – not profit. Incidentally, I have written for television and presently work as a criminal defense attorney in New Jersey.

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