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  1. Think the contestants on Survivor Samoa had it rough? Now think Survivor Naliboki-Forest, Poland. What if you were a twelve-year-old girl and outwitted, outran and outlasted the strongest army at the time: the Nazi war machine. And then found true love with a survivor of Dachau, who escaped the German’s death trains. And that’s only the first 70 pages of Broken Birds, The Story of My Momila.

    They rebuild their family in America, but their emotional foundation causes them to pass along their wartime fears and trepidations to their five children.

    The family is glued together by Momila’s refusals to cut her apron strings. Upon her unexpected death, the threads unravel leaving the family to face the real world for the first time in their lives.

    This book cannot help but create fodder for discussion.

    I would like to submit Broken Birds, for your book club’s reading consideration. Can I send you a copy? (Kindle or book)

    Jeanette Katzir

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